Learning Resource: Recumbent stone circles

  • Recumbent stone circle showing the solar and lunar cycles.
  • Depiction of the Towie Stone.

Forestry Commission Learning Resource: Recumbent Stone Circles

Summer 2015
The Forestry Commission Scotland recently commissioned me to illustrate two of their publications for schools.

The Recumbent stone circles learning resource included diagrams demonstrating the solar and lunar cycles in relation to recumbent stone circles in Aberdeenshire.

The study of Recumbent Stone Circles was also used to investigate other areas of the curriculum such as the solar system, and I produced explanatory diagrams explaining the axial tilt of the earth and how this results in our seasonal cycle.

In addition, I provided drawings of prehistoric carved stone balls, predominantly found in Aberdeenshire, foremost of which was the famous Towie stone.

Download a pdf of the publication here.