Burial ground survey

Burial ground plans

Spring 2022

Image of Mortlach church with locations of associated memorials.

During 2021 I collaborated with Keith Mitchell, chair of the Moray Burial Ground Research Group, (MBGRG) to produce a series of burial ground surveys, of sites at Cabrach and Mortlach. In keeping up to date records of the burial grounds it would enable interested members of the public to locate the resting place of their relatives. With reference to a combination of photographs, hand-drawn sketches, and existing plans as well as drone footage I was able to produce a series of numbered plans that could be cross-referenced with information regarding the deceased. I developed a series of conventions that could be used to indicate the particular nature of the memorial: whether it was a table-stone, flat-stone etc…

I discuss the process I went through in an article for the Scottish Group CIfA newsletter, (Spring 2022), which can be downloaded here.

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