Archaeological Illustration & Heritage Graphics

  • Archaeological Illustration for academics and commercial companies.
  • Small finds illustration ranging from Prehistoric, medieval, and Industrial period artefacts and ceramics.
  • Cartography and location maps, including use of QGIS.
  • Digitisation of site plans, sections and survey data, including use of AutoCAD.
  • Reconstruction drawings and interpretive/educational material.
  • Multimedia, CMS web design and graphic presentation of heritage sites and artefacts.
  • Desk Top Publishing and book illustration.

View my images of coast and sea as part of the latest exhibition at the North Berwick Coastal Communities Museum, “Wish you were here”.
Providing solution-focused archaeological illustration and creative design, clients include the National Trust for Scotland, the Forestry Commission Scotland, Historic England, the Society of Libyan Studies, Glasgow Museums Resource Centre, Leeds City Museums, HLF funded projects, local councils, charitable organisations and private archaeology companies.

Educational Worksheets
The exercises that you can download here should keep school children between the ages of around 8-12 entertained for an afternoon, though the younger ones might need a little help! Exercises include the replication of a ‘spinning disc’ from the Dordogne region of France dating to around 12,000BC, and the piecing together of a replica Victorian period tile ‘puzzle’ from an urban excavation. The principle in each case is to provide children with an engaging exercise which allows them to reflect upon the ‘story’ behind these archaeological objects. To download the respective worksheets click on the links below:

Worksheet: Edzell carved stone panel of Venus
Worksheet: Edzell carved stone panel of Geometria
Worksheet: Animated deer from the Dordogne
Worksheet: Victorian period tile puzzle
Worksheet: Medieval pilgrim badge
Worksheet: model of Mithraic altar
Worksheet: Medieval Tile
Worksheet: Traprain Law Treasure
Colouring sheet

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